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Payment Options

Renugen can receive payment by Bank Transfer (bank to bank), Money Transfer (credit card to bank), and Paypal and Stripe.

Customers will receive a quote or invoice with payment details.

All transactions are secured by Triodos Bank and Paypal and Stripe.

It is quickest to pay via Bank Transfer to our Triodos account (1 day).

Money Transfer from your credit card to our bank account takes 1 to 2 days.

We recommend Bank Transfer or Money Transfer, as Paypal and Stripe can be very slow for large value transactions.

Paypal charge 3.4% for transactions.

Stripe charge 2.4% for credit card transactions.

Money Transfer using your credit card to our bank account is usually 3% for transactions.

There is no charge for bank transfer to the Renugen Triodos bank account.

Renugen do not receive any personal account details, this is seen only at bank level.

UK VAT is 20%.