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  • AES Solar Collector A Solar Water Heating Panels

AES Solar Collector A Solar Water Heating Panels

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14.00 KGS
For Pricing Call us on 0203 287 8264 or Email us at

Product Description

The AES Solar Collector A Solar Water Heating Panels is based around the AES flat plate collector, a design that is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the solar industry. Utilising a high efficiency, selectively coated aluminium absorber plate that is metallurgically bonded to a rhombic copper waterway, the solar collector fins provide superior heat absorption and conductivity, as well as long-term durability.This absorber is combined with a light-weight, twin-walled glazing that possesses excellent optical properties while creating an unsurpassed outer thermal insulation layer, ensuring that solar energy is retained within the panel for water heating.

Key Features:

High efficiency panels that are extremely light-weight, facilitating installation without the need for additional lifting equipment, Multiple collector sizes and configurations allowing optimal solar specification for each system design, Bespoke collector design options to suit any requirement, Proven design and technology Systems installed more than 25 years ago are still providing hot water to the design's original specifications.

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Size is an important thing to look at when comparing solar panels, since it effects how much power can be captured from the Sun, and explains how many panels will be required to meet your need. This solar panel has a panel size of 1.21 metres squared.

How sunny is it?

If you are thinking of buying a AES Solar Collector A Solar Water Heating Panels, we'd advise measuring your solar resource first. Doing this will give you a much better idea of how much power you might generate.


UK grants available?

This is a MCS qualified product.



14 kilograms



        5 years guarantee

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5 Years Guarantee

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