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Aeolos-H 30kW (Grid-Off)

H 30kW (Grid-Off)
2,750.00 KGS
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Product Description

Mechanical Pitch Control: Aeolos intelligent pitch control could change blades angle to ensure more power output at low wind speed and the stable power output in high wind speed. It will protect the wind turbine in over wind speed, over rpm and other faults. Aeolos all pitch control parts in the hub are mechanical parts without electronic parts. It is more reliable than the traditional electronic pitch control system. Active Yaw Control: The active yaw control system will make the wind turbine auto trace the wind direction and auto yaw off the wind direction when there is over wind speed or other faults need to protect wind turbine. It could protect wind turbine even the pitch control system failed. Two Spindle Hydraulic Brakes: There are two spindle hydraulic brakes for Aeolos-H 30kw wind turbine. They were driven by high quality hydraulic station. They can stop the wind turbine in any emergency situation even without the pitch control protection and yaw control protection. 45kW Dump Load Box: Aeolos-H 30kw has the PWM dump loading protection for the over voltage fault. A 45kw dump load box will control the peak voltage together with the pitch control system. It will make the power output more stable in gust and high wind speed. Grid Failure & Power Lose Protection When there is grid failure or other reasons leading to the power lose, such as the cable broken, PLC damaged. Our wind turbine can still auto pitch control stop and start the hydraulic brake system. It is the physical self protection in the nacelle. Double Safety Design: Aeolos use double safety design for main functions of wind turbine. There is one pitch control motor, one yaw motor and gear box, two spindle hydraulic brakes and two different UPS system in the nacelle. If there is on hydraulic brake or UPS damaged, another one could still work well to control the wind turbine. High Efficiency & Reliable Design Low RPM & Direct Drive Generator: Aeolos 30kW is a directly drive permanent magnet generator with no gearbox. It is more reliable and less maintenance than the induction generator. We use the low rpm and larger generator diameter design. It means the higher costs, but better performance on power production, reliability and over heating problem. Direct Connection Design: The hub directly connected with generator shaft. Generator directly connected with nacelle. Generator shaft directly connected with brake disc. Aeolos optimized design removed the traditional adapter flanges and welding parts. This makes the wind turbine more reliable and more safety. Larger Rotor & More Power Output: Aeolos H 30kW has the 15.6 m rotor diameter which is the same or even larger than some 50kw wind turbines. It will reach the 30kW output at 9m/s wind speed and there is more power output in low wind speed area. The annual power output is about 105,461 kWh at 6 m/s wind speed. IEC 61400-2 Casting Parts: Aeolos-H 30kw hub and nacelle are all casting parts followed by IEC 61400-2 standard. The nacelle and hub were made by EN-GJS-400-LT which is the same material and technology as MW wind turbines. The lifetime design is more than 20 years and could work from -20°C to 50°C. It is more reliable than the welding hub and nacelle. Low Maintenance Cost: There is auto grease lubricator in the nacelle that will automatically lubricate the yaw bearing, pitch control bearing and other bearings. People could access the nacelle from the tower inside. Rotor Diameter 15.6m P=29.0kW @ 9m/s Annual Energy Production @ 6m/s 105,461 (kWh) Direct Connection Without Flange Turbine Rated Power Max Power Cut-in Wind Speed Rated Wind Speed Survival Wind Speed Design Lifetime Overall Weight Rotor Rotor Diameter Swept Area Rated Rotation Speed Blade Material Generator Drive Type Generator Type Generator Voltage Efficiency Controller Control System Remote Monitoring Safety Main Brake System 30 kW 35 kW 3 m/s (6.7 mph) 9 m/s (20.1 mph) 52.5 m/s (117.4 mph) 20 years 2750 kg (6062.7 lbs) 15.6 m (51.2 ft) 191 m2 (2055.9 ft2) 65 rpm Fiber Glass Direct Drive Permanent Magnet 0-370Vac 95% PLC with Touch Screen Optional Pitch Control Active Yaw Control Secondary Brake System Tower Monopole Tower Hydraulic Tower Warranty Standard Warranty Hydraulic Brake 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m 18m, 24m 5

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